Shock! Indian ‘Snake Boy’: 10-Year-Old Sheds Skin Every 6 Weeks due to Rare Disorder

The boy’s name is Jagannath and he suffers from a rare genetic skin disorder called ichthyosis, also known as fish scale disease. This condition causes the skin to grow unusually fast, become dry, and shed like that of reptiles.


In Jagannath’s case, the disease is severe to the point where he sheds his skin every 4 to 6 weeks. He has to bathe every hour and apply moisturizing cream every 3 hours to alleviate the symptoms.

Disturbing images of the young boy from Ganjam district in Eastern India reveal his dark and scaly skin, covering his entire body like fish scales. The disease causes his entire body to become dry and scaly.


Jagannath’s skin is also so tight and rigid that he cannot walk normally and requires a cane to straighten his limbs.


Unfortunately, there is no known cure for Jagannath’s condition. His father, Mr. Prabhakar Pradhan, a farm laborer, does not have enough money to seek treatment for his son.

Jagannath (pictured), whose second name is unknown, is dubbed the 'human snake' because his skin is covered in large scales that shed every six weeks

He said, “My son has had this condition since he was young, and there is no way to cure it. I don’t have enough money to take him for treatment. It pains me deeply to see him suffer from this dreadful disease every day.”


Dr. Rakhesh, a dermatologist at Aster MIMS Hospital in Kerala, India, stated that ichthyosis is one of the rarest inherited dermatological disorders. Currently, there is no cure for this disease, but creams and certain medications can be used to prevent complications.

Sadly Jagannath struggles to walk due to his condition and has to use a cane


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