Shocking Brisbane Neighbourhood Are Being Stalked By A Giant Kangaroo With A Torn Ear

Residents of a Brisbane neighbourhood are being stalked by a giant kangaroo, taking locals by surprise as it wanders fearlessly around the streets.

The 2m tall animal is said to weigh up to 95 kilograms, and has been spotted in playgrounds, walking tracks and even at the local golf club in North Lakes, Brisbane.

North Lakes local, Linda Hellyer, came up close and personal to the giant roo when she was walking her dogs earlier this week, according to Seven News.

Linda Hellyer met the giant roo when walking her dogs and filmed the shocking encounter on her phone

‘We turned the corner and old mate jumped out he’s very big and I don’t want to take him on,’ Ms Hellyer told Seven News on Friday.

Ms Hellyer was able to film the shocking encounter with her phone, a true reminder of the wild bushlands that are surrounding the Brisbane suburb.

‘He’s got massive, massive muscles, big pecs and everything and he stood up because he was obviously a bit frightened of the dogs,’ she said.

It’s not uncommon to see kangaroos in the area, but the fearless wanders of this remarkable roo stands out

The big kangaroo is recognised by its remarkable size and by the distinctive tear in its left ear

Even though it’s not uncommon to get visits from kangaroos in the area, this one stands out, not only with its huge size but with the distinctive tear in its left ear.

North Lakes local Allan James told channel Seven News that he has seen the giant animal wandering around the area several times.

‘It’s a big one, it is a big roo and I’m used to animals from out in the west and it is a big roo.’

Concerns for the welfare of kangaroos in the area was raised earlier this year, when reports were made of kangaroos getting trapped behind the fences of a construction site in the fast-growing suburb, calling for dedicated wildlife havens in and around North Lakes.

Hanging out: the two meter tall kangaroo has been spotted at the local golfing club as well as playgrounds

Massive muscles, big pecs: the kangaroo is said to be weighing more than 95 kilograms

Skippy: The bush kangaroo is remarkable in its size, and has been seen roaming around the North Lakes area


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