Starving Polar Bear Seeks Help After Getting Her Mouth Stuck In A Can Of Condensed Milk

This is the tragic moment a bear seeks help after getting her mouth stuck in a can of condensed milk all because she wants to feed herself.

It is odd to find a bear feeding on waste and scavenges as they usually are on the hunt for prey.

But, due to the recent changes that have been occurring in their habitat, they are adapting by sieving through waste landfills and consuming anything that will sustain them for a while longer.

A starving two-year-old female cub, Monetochka, trekked the street of the arctic outpost of Dikson in Russia, hoping to find food but ended up getting her mouth stuck in a can of milk.

She moved toward humans cautiously, hoping to get the hooked metal removed, but it was all to no avail.

Eventually, one of the humans she came in contact with was seen making several attempts to detach the metal can from his mouth.

The metal container was thrust deep into her skin and would only cause more pain and havoc if more force were applied. This kind man immediately notified a team of Moscow veterinary doctors.

The veterinary team of doctors had to travel a whole 2,125 miles all the way from Moscow to the arctic port of Dikson in an effort to save this distressed female bear

Monetochka was taken out of Tundra – the village where she was found – for proper treatment and care. After some minutes of sedation and some help from a set of pliers, the can was finally detached from her mouth.

Monetochka was finally free again!

Although her tongue wasn’t so lucky, the metal tin was plunged into her tongue tissues and inflamed. But after sedation, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs were given to reduce the swelling.

Experts confirmed that polar bears seldomly move towards humans, yet Monetochka was found 1.5 miles from Dikson airport. She was vividly cautious and wary of people, but she knew it was her only means of survival, so she went for it anyways.

She was monitored and assisted for several days before she was transported back to her original habitat. A 50kg sack of fish was provided before her arrival to ensure that she was adequately nourished and her recovery hastened.

It was a sad but heartwarming sight to see that people can go to great lengths to save an animal in need. I’m sure Monetochka will forever keep humans in high regard for saving her life and will live to tell the story from generation to generation!


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