Strange creatures thought to have lived in prehistoric times have just been discovered washed up on the beach in New Jersey, USA.

According to the Daily star, local resident Stephanie Hall discovered the body of a 2-meter-long strange creature on the coast of New Jersey, USA after running a lap on the beach.

Stephanie Hall said: “I saw something scary floating in the sand. I thought the creature was both scary and strange, so I took a few pictures. I didn’t know what the creature was. What should be left open to the fishermen. Maybe they know what kind of fish this is.”

Experts later identified it as the remains of a sturgeon, a creature that has existed since the Triassic period, 245 million years ago. This fish can grow up to 4 meters in length and weigh nearly 400kg, with a lifespan of up to 60.

Larry Hanja, of the New Jersey Environmental Protection Agency, said the short-nosed sturgeon and Atlantic sturgeon are now in danger.

Larry Hanja said: “It is very rare for sturgeon to be washed ashore because there are not many of these creatures in the sea. They are special creatures like heritage from the time of dinosaurs. Experts The family came to take the fish for research.”

The closest sturgeon fossils were found around the same time as the extinct dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. Sturgeon species at that time were almost no different from today, so they are also called “living fossils”.