Terrible moments: A Gigantic Python Swallows Whole and Eventually Regurgitates an Entire Cow

The video depicting the mentioned scene is causing a stir on the internet, regardless of its ‘horrifying’ content. Nearly 66,000 people have watched the video on YouTube in just 2 days.

After swallowing the victim, the python took approximately 90 seconds to regurgitate them. No one knows why it did so, but South American pythons often quickly regurgitate their food if they feel it is indigestible or if it hampers their movement.

Green anacondas in South America typically reach lengths of up to 6.6 meters, but some individuals can grow as long as 12 meters. They are capable of consuming almost anything, from fish, birds, and reptiles to mammals such as capybaras, pigs, and deer. These pythons often constrict their prey to the point of asphyxiation before swallowing it whole.