The Beauty Buried For 200 Years Still Emits A Seductive Scent: Archaeologists Are Surprised To Find Out

The Beauty Buried For 200 Years Still Emits A Seductive Scent: Archaeologists Are Surprised To Find Out

When opening the coffin lid, instead of the strong smell of corpses, the archaeological team smelled a special aroma spreading around.

On a construction site in Nangshan district, Anhui province, China, an excavator driver accidentally dug an unusually large ancient tomb under the soil 4m deep.

The site manager immediately stopped the construction and reported it to the local authorities. Soon after, the archaeological team was sent, they sealed off the entire area and proceeded to excavate this mysterious tomb.

The mummy is still intact with white skin, good elasticity. (Photo: Sohu)

Under the soil, experts found two coffins: Coffin No. 1 and No. 2. In which, wooden coffin No. 1 is quite simple, inside there are not many burial items and the corpse has rotted. ages ago long ago.

However, coffin number 2 is extremely remarkable. The coffin is covered with a thick yellow clay 30cm thick, it takes a lot of difficulty to open the lid.

This is a type of coffin with two layers of sarcophagus (burial ark) on the outside, the bronze painted sarcophagus is made from termite-resistant cypress wood, separated by a 40cm thick lime layer. Inside is a crimson coffin made of virgin wood – endemic to China. The coffin is 241cm long, 70cm wide and 75cm high.

This beauty is famous for having a scent that attracts even butterflies.

What is surprising is that when opening the lid of this coffin, a special fragrance is released, the scent spreads far around. Even more surprising, when looking inside, the archaeological team found a body of a woman wearing a Qing Dynasty costume, which is very well preserved as if it was only recently buried.

Another surprising detail is that the woman’s body in the coffin is very well preserved. She was dressed in Qing Dynasty clothes, looking like she had only been buried for a few days, completely intact. This person has black hair and white skin, hair tied in a bun; the body is so elastic that drugs can be injected into the muscle; Joints can also stretch…

She weighs about 44kg, is 164cm tall, has an oval face and a slim, well-proportioned figure, fingernails and toenails still have red paint. Burial items in the mausoleum are also gold and silver, expensive jewelry, it can be seen that the identity of this character is not trivial.


With these characteristics, Chinese public opinion immediately associated with Huong Phi – the woman of Emperor Qian Long. Legend has it that the body of this concubine always emits a special scent, often attracting butterflies and bees to surround each time it appears. It is known that the Huong Phi everyone mentioned was inspired by the Dung Phi from the Uighur ethnic group.

The beautiful beauty of Dung Phi in history books. (Photo: Baike)

Mr. Vuong Thieu Cuong – Archaeological Team Leader revealed, the woman in the coffin is very beautiful, looks like a sleeping girl, the skin still retains amazing elasticity. However, if you look closely, you will see that there is a deep cut on her neck, the wound after being hit by a sword. This is the only wound on the body, it is likely that at the time of the stabbing, she did not protest, possibly because of a crime, so she was sentenced.

After calculating, experts also determined that the person in the coffin died when he was about 30 years old. This information shows that this is unlikely to be the body of Huong Phi as the public speculated, because she died at the age of 54.


Explaining the scent, experts said, the body was covered with a layer of musk and buried when it was cold; was placed in a coffin with good material, so it did not smell and rot according to common sense. As for the costume with the four-clawed dragon motif, experts only think that this is not a royal person, most likely the wife of a Qing official.

Regarding the character Huong Phi in history, she not only caused countless historians a headache to find a solution about her background; but also makes many people doubt and wonder about the seductive scent. Her name is associated with many oral stories, which have been spread by Chinese folk for a long time.



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