The Enigmatic Elegance of the Chinese Crested Dog: A Fascinating Breed

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It takes a lot to make stoic China flinch these days, but Xinxiang, a pedigree breed Chinese hairless dog did just that, earning a reputation as a pig-dog mutant that must have surely escaped from a laboratory.  Xinxiang is the only dog on our list credited to “natural science”.  But China residents were spooked when this pink, hairless dog sporting a Mohawk and leopard-like spots showed up around Xinxiang City— and it just so happened there was a nearby scientific research center.


Despite resembling an escaped genetic experiment gone horribly wrong, there are many “Xinxiangs” around the world, and they were originally bred to be a disabled person’s companion. Ironically, Xinxiang, the runaway Pig Dog, was an oddity. Most Chinese Crested dogs are introverted and aren’t known for gregarious behavior.

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Before you assume Xinxiang can travel across continents, thus explaining her dozens of appearances worldwide, don’t be alarmed. Chinese Crested dogs pop up unexpectedly all over the place. One named Yoda won the 2011 World’s Ugliest Dog contest at the Sonoma Marin Fair. Before Yoda’s rise to stardom, he lived on the street and was thought to be a giant rat.

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