The Giraffes Felt Her Pain And Began To Kiss For Goodbye The Dying Zoo Keeper

The dying zoo employee’s last wish was to visit him animals, friends and colleagues. During their last encounter, the giraffes felt their pain and began to kiss her for goodbye.Animals are amazing creatures because they are compassionate and empathetic. They can see and feel our pain and grief, express and feel emotions and manage to find a way to touch our soul.Numerous examples confirm that they will never forget the love they have received from their human caregivers. Mario Ejis, a worker at Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, lived long enough to get a reward for all his love he showed them.

He worked as a keeper at a zoo in the Netherlands for 25 years. He had mental disabilities and was battling terminal cancer. He spent half of his life cleaning the cages of the animals and making friends with them.

When his condition deteriorated, he was tied to the bed. He had language difficulties and could not speak coherent sentences. He could not go to work for some time. In 2014, he had a request that finally got him back to the zoo.

An Ambulance Wish Foundation decided to help him when they were called by charity. They transport terminally ill patients to places that are of personal significance for their final wishes. To make his dream come true and to see his old friends again, they took him in a specially equipped ambulance to the Zoo.

As soon as he approached the giraffes, something amazing happened. The animals got into the ambulance with Mario and stuck their heads out through the windows one by one.

With sad expressions in their eyes, they felt his pain and sadness, flattered him, kissed him and comforted him. In a summary of the day, foundation member Olaf Exoo said Mario had “licked and sniffed a lot,” adding that the last greetings from the other spectators had caused goosebumps. They realized that Mario had a feeling that he was not well.

Mario was lucky enough to say goodbye to his beloved animal friends and colleagues.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation uploaded the story to Facebook and it went viral, leaving many people heartbroken. The giraffes ability to feel their friend’s pain and their efforts to ease the pain melted people’s hearts. It really was a special moment for everyone.



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