The Heartwarming Moment Wild Stallion Saves Young Filly Horse From Drowning

This is a heartwarming moment a wild stallion saves an inexperienced foal from drowning while crossing a river. The remarkable incident occurred at the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, and was captured on camera by a Park Service Volunteer named Becky Standridge. The wild horse has shown us that even animals can be compassionate and selfless.


The wild stallion named Champ and his family were enjoying their meal on the Salt River’s bank when another group of horses appeared on the opposite bank. Among the other group were two playful young horses. Champ and a few of horses became interested in them, so they decided to cross the river to greet them.


However, the river’s current was too strong for a young filly horse. Within seconds, she found herself swallowed by the rapid river and came to the surface in a panic. Luckily, Champ was there to save her. He tried to grab her by the back of her neck, held her gently, and protected her until she reached the banks on the other side of the river and headed straight to her mother. Champ then returned to his family and the herd continued on their way.






You can watch the dramatic scene in the video below:

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