The “Monster” Found In New Zealand’s Beaches Appears To Be An Alien Creature

The “Monster” Found In New Zealand’s Beaches Appears To Be An Alien Creature

Recently, cυrioυs people have come to the shores of Muriwai, Auckland, Newzealand to admire the strange creature, which looks like an alien creature.

Recently, a giant alien-like creature, covered by thousands of barnacles, has washed up on the coast of New Zealand.

Melissa Doubleday, a local, said that while she was walking along the Muriwai beach road, Auckland, she encountered a giant creature standing on the shore.

The odd shape of the creature washed up on the shores of Auckland, New Zealand.

Curious to see if anyone knew what the odd creature was, she asked on a Facebook group: “I was driving and came across this. Does anyone know what it is?”.

Much speculation has been made about a Maori canoe, a monster from the 1980s TV show “Under the mountain”, a ship’s hull, artwork, a Caribbean sea cow, a beautiful whale even… an alien!

In fact, it looks like a large log covered with barnacles. However, people still put forward dozens of interesting theories to enrich the story.

This odd creature reminds people of the New Zealand coast scene after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake caused the sea floor to rise by 2m and reveal the bottom layer.

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