The Story Of This Underwater Statue of a Shark That Give Any Diver A Heart Attack

Mankind has created many beautiful and amazing things that leave us awestruck. Think of the pyramids, the tallest skyscrapers, and the Great Wall of China. However, there are also some manmade things in this world that achieve the opposite effect. Instead of inspiring or beautiful, these structures and objects are horrifying and disturbing. Examples of this would be the crawling baby sculptures in Kampa Park and some haunted houses.

Some statues are equally unsettling. One, in particular, can send chills up anybody’s spine. It is a statue of a shark placed under the depths of a Swiss lake. This would be enough for any unsuspecting diver or swimming exploring the lake to give them a heart attack.

Source: YouTube

Origins of the shark statue

Very little is known about the origin of the shark statue. It is found sitting at the bottom of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland, but how it came to be there remains a mystery.

However, some Redditors have uncovered its origin as a movie prop for a film called “Choc au Lac!” by the association La Jeunesse de la Côte. About 176 children and some professionals were involved in making the movie.

Some have guessed that the shark was dumped in the lake to be a sort of tourist attraction — one that would both pique people’s curiosity and scare them.

What makes the shark so scary

Although we know that it’s only a statue, there’s still something eerie about the shark’s appearance. You may also feel the same way after watching the clip above, even though you understand that it’s just a movie.

Source: Reddit

One of the Reddit users from the threads discussing the shark summed up what made its appearance so unnerving:

“Those teeth? The weird “cartoony but too realistic at the same time” thing it has going on? The murky green water I picture it slowly materializing from? Those terrifyingly soulless eyes? Did I mention the giant, not-quite-shark-looking teeth that look more like a mix of an anglerfish and a t-rex?! No. Nope. No thanks.”

Source: Reddit

The prop master of the film must have designed this shark to look extra disturbing. They combined elements of the scariest sea creatures and added them to this shark. For instance, the teeth are extra-long and reminiscent of an angler fish’s fangs:


The shark’s eyes also look dark and menacing, which adds to the terrifying quality of the sculpture.

Where can I find this sculpture?

If your curiosity has gotten the better of you, then you might be thinking about visiting this underwater shark sculpture. You can make it one of your destinations in Switzerland.

Getting to Neuchâtel is accessible by public transportation, such as via boats, trains, and cars. The city is near Zurich, Geneva, and Bern, so you should have no trouble finding a way to it.

The lake is the largest within Switzerland, spanning 218 square kilometers over four Swiss states. Lake Neuchâtel is quite deep, reaching about 500 meters deep at its deepest. However, many shallow areas make it ideal for swimming and other water sports, such as wakeboarding, sailing, and diving.

If you’re going diving, then you can ask to be taken to the famous shark sculpture that is waiting at the bottom of the lake — that is, if you are brave enough to do it!


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