This strange creature caused consternation when it was seen crawling across the ceiling of a home in Indonesia.

This strange creature caused consternation when it was seen crawling across the ceiling of a home in Indonesia.

Last month, homeowner Hari Toae in Bali noticed an ‘alien-like’ being scurrying across the ceiling.

It had two wings, four tentacles of varying lengths, and moved upside down with its legs holding on to the ceiling.

Hari stated that the creature appeared to be looking for a safe place to stay due to the rain that night.


This bizarre winged and tentacled creature caused alarm when it was spotted scurrying across a ceiling in Indonesia 

He said: ‘I will let it stay in my house, but only for the night. I don’t want it to scare my guests away.’

Hari admitted that he couldn’t identify the winged creature but joked that it ‘looked like an alien.’

He added: ‘It’s not something I’ve ever seen before. I don’t think it comes from this neighbourhood.’

The answer is unknown, but it could be a member of the Arctiinae family of moths.


The creature had two wings, four tentacles of varying lengths and appeared as though it was moving upside down with its legs holding on to the ceiling

It appeared to share some characteristics with Creatonotos gangis, a species native to Southeast Asia and Australia.

They, like the enigmatic creature, have wings and four tentacles known as scent organs.

They are used to produce pheromones, which are chemical substances used to attract mates.

Footage of a similarly creepy creature emerged in Australia in 2017, and again appeared to be a Creatonotos gangis moth.




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