Tiger gives birth to 3 cubs after 104-day pregnancy at Toronto Zoo

Congratulations 💞 and welcome to the world baby cubs!

What an amazing experience 👏 ❤ We need more beautiful Tigers…!So happy for everyone. Hope mom and babies are o.k 🥳🥰

Mazyria, a 14-year-old Amur tiger that is affectionately known as Mazy, gave birth to three cubs last week at the Toronto Zoo after a 104-day pre.gna.ncy.The first cub was born at 11:40 pm, on friday. While the next two cubs arrived early on saturday morning.

Your tiger cubs are sweet❤️

The zoo’s wildlife care keepers are closely monitoring the family of four through remote cameras. Mazyria is being an exemplary mother, nursing and grooming the cubs regularly, but the first month remains a critical time for these new arrivals.

The cubs are expected to have their first [ve.terinary che.ckup] in about six to eight weeks. At this ch.ec.k-up, ve.ts will determine the sex of each cub and ensure the baby tigers are growing at a healthy rate.

Wish there were more human moms like her! 🥳🙏

This is Mazy’s second litter of three cubs, her three first was born in 2013 at the Granby Zoo.According to the Toronto Zoo, Mazy is one of the oldest Amur tigers to give birth in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) population. Mazy’s partner, a male tiger named Vasili, born at the Calgary Zoo in 2012, fathered the new trio of cubs.

This birth is an important contribution to a genetically healthy Amur tiger population.

Mom needs to try and get some rest such a loving family. ♥️♥️🥰

So happy for the new mom and the zoo. Very important to keep the species’s going. Congratulations👏👏 to the proud momma! 🎉🥳

Now, if you could release them all, it’d be perfect! Just imagine how great it would be for them to live free…! 🐯🐯🐯

Bless her heart….Prayers the babies are all healthy. 🙏🙏🙏


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