Twin Sisters Share the Ultimate Bond: Giving Birth on the Same Day

The sense of surrealism deepened for twin sisters Kim Abraham and Danielle Grant when they uncovered the news that they were both expecting babies on the same day. While they initially thought it was improbable for their children to share the same birthday, these fraternal twins from New Jersey seemingly do everything in sync.

“We were thinking, ‘What are the oddѕ of both of us giving birth on the same day?'” Abraham shared with TODAY. “It’s a fantastic way to welcome a baby into this world. The outpouring of good wishes and joy from people we don’t even know is truly іпсгedіЬɩe.”

Grant echoed the sentiment, saying to TODAY, “It’s incredibly overwhelming and surreal to begin this journey of bringing a child into the world, and doing it alongside my sister just makes it all the more аmаzіпɡ.”

Grant and Abraham, formerly known by their maiden name Manara, engaged in a friendly wager to see which sister would give birth first. Initially, they both had the same due date set for April 22, and when that date саme and went without any deliveries, both sisters were induced.

Grant playfully recounted, “They all tease me because I tend to be late for everything, so naturally, they said I’d be late this time too. But then everyone kept telling me that the second baby often arrives more quickly, so I thought, ‘You better be right!'”

Grant said that the boys don’t look that much alike right now, but that’s about the only difference they share.

“Even when we’re shopping without each other and we see something cute, we have to buy it in twos,” Grant said. “We’re always together, so they will always be together.”


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