Unexpected Blessing: Mother of Four Shocked to Learn She’s Carrying Triplets And Her Final Determination

A mother of four, who had decided she didn’t want more children and was considering having her fallopian tubes tied, received a shocking revelation when she found out she was pregnant again just one year after giving birth to her youngest child. To her amazement, it was triplets this time.

Bobbie Rutland, 31, shared her initial reaction, stating, “I laughed when I first heard the news, then began crying. I went back and forth between laughter and tears.” Due to her inability to use most contraception methods, she had been contemplating a permanent procedure known as “tubal ligation,” where a doctor seals off both fallopian tubes to prevent sperm from meeting eggs.

This unexpected turn of events left her surprised and emotional.

Bobbie, residing in Western Australia, experienced nervousness when she initially discovered her pregnancy, but her excitement grew at the prospect of having a child so close in age to her one-year-old son, given that her other children are aged 11, nine, and eight. She faced intense sickness during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, prompting her husband Shane to joke about the possibility of twins. The couple was astounded during an ultrasound scan, where they heard three distinct heartbeats, though they couldn’t shake a sense of trepidation.


Then, at just 28 weeks into her pregnancy, the mother started experiencing contractions. Doctors instructed her to stay in the hospital on bed rest for two weeks. However, barely a day after being allowed to go home, the contractions resumed. Just twenty minutes into her labor, Bobbie gave birth to her first triplet, a full 10 weeks ahead of schedule. The newborns, including a boy named Cooper and two girls named Emma and Charlie, had weights ranging from 2.6lbs to 3lbs. Placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (N.I.C.U) for monitoring, the triplets are progressing excellently and have all shown weight gain since their premature birth.


She expressed, “They’re all above their birth weight and just transitioned from the incubators to little cots yesterday. They’re doing absolutely fabulous.” The three babies will continue their hospital stay until they reach a sufficient weight to be discharged and join their older sister (11) and three brothers (aged nine, eight, and one).

The Rutlands are eagerly anticipating the moment when they can bring their little ones home and have their entire family under one roof. Bobbie expressed, “I’m obviously scared about bringing three babies home instead of one, but I’m excited.” She has made a firm decision to undergo tubal ligation once she recovers from the birth of the triplets and has already scheduled an appointment for the procedure. She emphasized, “I do not intend on having any more children. Seven is more than enough!”