VIDEO: Baby Elephant Plays Happily With Tires & Makes So Adorable Noise!

Elephant calves are known to be awkward, which is also cute. But have you ever wondered why? When calves are born, they can weigh up to 100 kg and are under a meter tall. Because they attempt to stand as soon as they are born, elephant calves are precocial. After an hour, a calf can usually stand up.

In the first few days of life, they are a little unstable due to their weak eyesight, which impairs their balance, coordination, and depth perception. They nevertheless make an attempt to stay near their mothers since they can recognize them by touch, odor, and sound. Instead of using their trunks, elephants breastfeed from their mothers using their lips.

For the first year of their lives, they have a hard time controlling their trunks. Elephants learn how to utilize their trunks and other behaviors from their parents and other family members, just like young toddlers do.

Two days after birth, calves are strong enough to start walking and joining the herd. The herd will quicken its pace so the calves can keep up. In the early months, calves will start experimenting with their developing trunks by choosing plants to supplement their mother’s milk.

Let’s watch this baby elephant play happily with tires and listen to the squeaky noises he makes in the video below:

Source: elephantnews