VIDEO: The Heart-Stopping Moment Mother Lioness Clasping Her Little One’s Nape Crossing The Flood River

Her jaws clamped firmly around the scruff of her tiny cub’s neck, this plucky lioness is taking no chances as she tackles a risky river crossing.

As her nine-week-old youngster dangles beneath her, the mother skips gingerly between impromptu stepping stones.

These stunning images capture gg, as she made her way to join the rest of the pride on the other side of the river.

Amazingly, the cub escaped with only a sodden coat as its mother safely negotiated the fast-flowing waters of the Ntiakitiak River in Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve.

Greek photographer Kyriakos Kaziras managed to capture the moment during a trip in December.

Paul Goldstein, another photographer and owner of Kicheche Bush Camp, where Mr Kaziras was based, said: ‘Kyriakos and his guide had spent early morning with the large Enkoyanai pride.

There had been plenty of rain and the Ntiakitiak River, normally a trickle, was  a swollen torrent.

The bulk of the pride were on the east bank and the mother had  to take the momentous decision to carry her nine-week-old cub to join them.

‘The risks of such a journey were very real, particularly as the cub was at least a month older than normal “carrying age”.

‘I have photographed lions carrying cubs and seen them crossing rivers, but the combination is unique and has never been seen, let alone recorded.’

Brave Lioness mom Carrying Her Nine-Week-Old Cub crossing the heavy-Flowing River (Video)


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