When Mother Is Away: Four Baby Elephant Siblings Frolic And Pile On Top Of Each Other Like Little Children

Baby elephants are the most adorable and cheerful animals on the planet. They actually know how to create fun for themselves. Play with the mud, snuggle up to their beloved humans, hang out with their friends and siblings – these are all their favorite games. And we, can’t stop smiling when looking at these playful young animals.

Image source: Ayesha Cantor / Barcroft India

Four baby elephants in this story just do the same. The siblings decided to have some fun when their mother was drinking water on the bank nearby. But their fun is quite “rude”. The younger bumped into each other before deciding to pile on top of each other. They look like playful and energetic kids, right?

The elephants kept frolicking together until their mother came back. She immediately broke up the fun before the poor baby elephant at the bottom was injured.

Her mother’s intervention is essential. The calves weigh around 300kg each. It means that the baby at the bottom carries a pile that is three times as heavy as it. It can’t bear that task.

Image source: Ayesha Cantor / Barcroft India


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