Why Capybaras- The Largest Rodents In The World Get Along So Well With Other Species?


These delightful creatures are called capybaras.

Heralded as the world’s largest rodents, the South American rainforest natives can actually weigh as much as a full grown man.

But despite the fact that they apparently like to eat their own dung, other animals still seem to flock to them like bees to honey … Maybe they have great personalities?

In fact, capybaras are so good at making friends that entire Tumblrs exist solely to document their strong social game.

Here they are, chillin’ with an anteater

Image: Tumblr

Befriending an entire squad of tiny monkeys

Image: Twitter

Sharing a cuddle with someone’s cat

Image: Twitter

Giving a meerkat a piggyback ride (next to a tortoise, obviously)

Image: Tumblr

Smilin’ with a crocodile

Image: Twitter

Sharing a bath with some lil’ duckies

Image: Tumblr

Giving a rat the chance at friendship it truly deserves

Image: Tumblr

And taking a nap with a literal dozen turtles and ducks

Image: Twitter

Even though they may essentially just be giant, glorified guinea pig’s, one thing’s for sure: Capybaras are the Taylor Swift of the animal kingdom — they roll deep.

More photos of capy magic:

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