Wonderful Rare White-Faced Baby Deer Was Rescued After Being Rejected By Its Mother

Wild baby animals can’t survive in the wild without their mother’s care and protection. They have to struggle with thirst, hunger, and threats from nature and humans (predators and poachers). Poorly, some are rejected by their own mothers. The reason is that they look different from others in their colony. Skin, hair, or patterns on their bodies – these make them an outcast.

This is the case of Dragon the baby deer in this story. The fawn is extremely rare as he has a white piebald face and belly. Only around 1% of deer are born that way.The beautiful fawn faced the same fate – abandoned by his mother. Luckily, some kind-hearted people at Deer Tracks Junction, an animal farm in Cedar Springs, Michigan spotted the deer and rescued him.

Dragon found a happy home and had good days there. He received true love and care from humans at the farm. The young boy even became the star there.However, being a piebald means that parts of Dragon’s body have no pigmentation. This causes him many different health problems. The baby deer can’t hear or see as well as a regular deer. He also has a weak immune system.

Additionally, the white-faced fawn is easy to be spotted by predators in the wild. The white parts on his body are so conspicuous. The precious creature needs to be tough to survive.

Unfortunately, Dragon couldn’t celebrate his first birthday. The beautiful baby deer passed away just a few days before his day due to health complications. Hilary Powell of Deer Tracks Junction wrote on Facebook:

“Well, sadly, this is an update that I never wanted to have to make. Despite all medical intervention available, we lost our little Dragon. It has been a tough time here, and he will be greatly missed by all.”

See more photos of the beautiful white deer below!


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