Advanced UFOs And Mysterious Alien Bases In Alaska

Advanced UFOs And Mysterious Alien Bases In Alaska

Jim Schnabel wrote about the US intelligence community’s role in the controversial problem psychic surveillance. It was most prevalent in the 1970s. His book Remote Viewers was published in 1997. “…Alaska’s Mount Hayes is a gem of a range of glaciers northeast of Anchorage. It hosted one the aliens’ greatest base,” Schnabel said. Schnabel was referring specifically to the abilities of a competent remote-viewer regarding topics of UFO nature. One Pat Price.

Pat Price stated that the aliens who lived deep within Mount Hayes looked human-like, except for their eyes, heart, lungs and blood. The aliens used thought transfer to control the motor function of humans, which Price stated was alarming. Price said that the location was also responsible for the unusual behavior and malfunction of Soviet space objects and the United States. Despite this conflicting narrative, it is clear that the US military was very interested in UFO activity in Alaska in the early years. Ex-classified FBI data reveals astonishing UFO sightings made in Alaska between 1947-1950.

In August 1947, the FBI in Anchorage received an extraordinary description of a UFO sighting that involved two military personnel. This is to inform that two Army officers reported to the Office of the Director of Intelligence Headquarters Alaskan Department (Follow Richardson, Alaska) that they had seen an object move through the air at a phenomenal speed that couldn’t be measured in miles per hours,” the report began.

Officially, the sight was only seen by one cop at first. However, he quickly reported it to his partner. The object looked like a spherical shape, not saucer-like. It was also similar to a disk. Although the object could not be given any precise information, the first officer stated that the object seemed to have a diameter of two or three feet and that there was no visible vapor trail in its sky.

After making an initial attempt to determine the object’s height, he compared it with the cloud patterns in the area and determined that the UFO was sailing at more than ten thousand foot. Also, it is worth noting, that the UFO must be larger than the initial size estimate of “two to three feet” in order to be visible at such a distance. The second officer gave almost identical testimony to the first. He said that the object was approximately ten feet in diameter, and compared it to “half the size” of a full moon on an average night. The second officer believed that the UFO would have been higher at 3-4 thousand feet than 10 thousand feet as his colleague claimed.

The disagreement in opinions about the object’s size and altitude could have been significant. However, both officers agreed that it was an unusual item. “…The second officer stated that the object was flying against the wind, which was one of the unusual aspects of this report. “…we were able to locate a flyer [who]”Spotted a flying object near Bethel in Alaska in July 1947,” The FBI Office in Anchorage sent J. Edgar Hoover a letter shortly afterwards. “[The pilot]According to Hoover’s report, the sighting of the flying object near Bethel happened on July 7, when the sky was clear of clouds. The sun had just set when Hoover saw the flying object. It was about 10 p.m. He flew a DC-3 into Bethel Airport, enjoying the perfect weather.

The pilot was astonished to see a mysterious plane, “the size of an C-54 without any fuselage,” that appeared to be a “flying wings” as he approached the airport. Due to the strange shape of the object, it was difficult for the pilot to determine whether it was travelling towards or away. So he decided to do a 45 degree maneuver to disperse any possible collisions. According to the FBI, the pilot confirmed that the object did not have an external power source such as a propeller-driven motor and that there were no emissions as it passed. The paper stated that he phoned Bethel’s Civil Aeronautics Administration station on his radio to ask what aircraft were present in the area. However, they did not have any reports. The item he saw before his arrival was about five to ten miles from the airport. [he]The path was not straight across the airport, he said. He could not determine if it was making any noise so he estimated that the speed of the thing was 300 miles per hour. “It was traveling in a northwesterly path, from Bethel and Nome.” He didn’t see any radio interference, couldn’t identify the color except that it was black. It had a distinct shape and didn’t blend into the sky. This moment, [he]The thing was definitely noticed.” As the 1940s came and went, the FBI continued to receive and log UFO claims. One of the most convincing accounts involved a series of remarkable sightings that occurred in Alaskan airspace during two days in early 1950.

The FBI received a sensitive intelligence assessment that spanned three pages. It was provided by an official US Navy source. This report shows shocking evidence of multiple UFO sightings with the military. It refers to an “unexplained phenomenon in the Vicinity Of Kodiak,” which is “a report of sightings by unidentified airborne objects made by various navy personnel on 22nd and 23rd January 1950.” “…at 20240W January. Lt. Smith, USN. Patrol plane commander of P2V3 Nr. According to the author of the report, 4 Patrol Squadron One reported an unexpected radar contact at 20 miles north of Kodiak Naval Air Station, Alaska. This encounter occurred while Lt. Smith was flying Kodiak Security Patrol.

“A radar contact was made on an object located 10 miles southeast from NAS Kodiak at 0243W 8 minutes later. Lt. Smith contacted the control tower to verify that there was no traffic within the area. Gaskey, ALC. USN radar operator, noticed intermittent radar interference unlike anything he had seen before. Although contact was lost at this point, sporadic interference continued.” Smith and Gaskey weren’t the only ones to report unidentified vehicles intruding into Alaskan airspace. The USS Tilbrook had been anchored at “buoy 19,” in the neighboring manship channels at the time of the incidents. Morgan (first named unknown) was a watchman onboard the Tilbrook. Morgan saw an “extremely fast moving red light that looked like exhaust origin and went clockwise in the direction of, near, Kodiak and back out in the general southeast direction” sometime between 0200 and 0300. Morgan shared the sight with Carver, one of Morgan’s shipmates. They waited and watched as the UFO performed a “return flight,” possibly not believing what he was seeing. Morgan and Carver said that the object was seen for about 30 seconds. The object was described as having the appearance a ball of fire with a diameter of one foot. “While performing normal Kodiak security guard, Lt. Smith saw an unidentified, airborne object on the starboard port bow at a range between 5 and 20 miles.” The report continues. The radar scope showed that the item seemed to be moving at an extremely fast rate. The trailing edge of this blip gives the impression that it is a tail.

Lieutenant Smith immediately informed all of the PV23 No. The crew of the PV23 No. 24 were informed immediately by Lieutenant Smith that they had seen the UFO. They all watched in amazement as the strange craft flew overhead at speeds of approximately 1,800 mph. Smith was able to climb to intercept the UFO. He also attempted to circle it but failed. Smith’s tactics were clearly useless due to the ship’s speed and incredible mobility. Lieutenant Smith and his crew were not prepared for what was to come.

According to the official reports, “The object then appeared as if it was opening the range.” Smith tried to shut down the range. Smith saw the UFO expanding slightly before landing on Smith’s side.

Smith saw this as a very dangerous gesture and turned off all lights. The item vanished in a southeasterly direction four minutes later.” Lieutenants Barco, Causer, and Patrol Squadron One were on the Kodiak Security Patrol at 0435 the next day, when they spotted another unidentified aerial craft. At the time, the plane of the officers was approximately 62 miles from Kodiak. Barco and Causer stood stunned for 10 minutes while the strange object spun and turned in the Alaskan skies. Below is a summary of all reports. “1. Lt. Smith described it as two orange lights that circled around a central point, “like two planes doing slow rolls in tight formation,” Lt. Smith said. It was capable of traveling at different speeds. 2. Morgan and Carver described it as a reddish-orange, one-foot-diameter ball of fire moving at a rapid rate of speed. 3. It appeared to Causer, Barco and Paulson that the flame was a pulsing orangeyellow projectileshaped flame. The flame had a consistent pulsation time of 3 to 5 second. As the object expanded its range, the pulsations seemed to increase to 7 to 8 seconds and then drop to 7 to 8 seconds. The final statement about the encounters stated that “no weather balloons had been known to have been launched within an acceptable time before the sightings.” If the objects are not balloons, they should be considered phenomena (perhaps meteorites), whose nature the office cannot determine. This “meteorite” explanation of this series of experiences is extremely perplexing. Meteorites don’t stay within sight for more than 30 seconds, they don’t close in on military aircraft with a “very menacing gesture”, and they don’t appear as “two orange lights hovering around a common centre,” just to name a few.

It is therefore reasonable to suppose that the experienced military personnel in Kodiak (Alaska) in January 1950 experienced some unusual events. Do these facts support Pat Price’s theory that there is an extraterrestrial presence deep within Alaska’s Mount Hayes area? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Nevertheless, Price’s claims could be investigated further in light of what has been said. In case…



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