NASA’s Perseverance Rover Already Started Finding Strange Objects on Mars

It was quick and easy. After being on Mars for about a fortnight, the Perseverance Rover is now collecting strange objects in Jezero with its panoramic unit. Pareidolia, although it may have given rise to rational explanations by some, has not stopped anyone from seeing fragments of flying saucers and skeletons as well as other odd objects.

Perseverance’s Mastcam Z camera, used by NASA to create a breathtaking high-resolution panorama. NASA was joined by engineers from Pasadena, California’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

It has a lot depth. The photograph gives you a stunning view of Jezero Crater. This was once considered a Mars dry river delta.

Rock of the harbor sealing:

Scientists discovered a unique outcrop in the endless rocks. A tall, black stone is visible in the rock terrain. Mastcam-Z Chief Investigator Jim Bell said that the rock was already known as “Harbor Seal Rock” by the team because it resembles the marine mammal. The soil may have been formed by countless strong winds that blew the crater

The first shot, as many others by various satellites and rovers has no distinguishable aspect. It lacks scale and perspective. As some netizens have said, this allows one to see the objects as gigantic ant hills. The bottom seems to have a hill. The majority of people however agree that they’re just rocks, despite that it sounds sacrilegious to call Martian rocks “just rock”.

This image needs less imagination and requires more pareidolia.

This bizarrely formed entity reminds some people of the “skull” Are you human? Are you human? Maybe the open mouth from Edvard munch’s famous drawing evokes that expression. It could be a miniature version the classic Viking “Face on Mars” drawing. The last, but not the least, image of the first batch that is most memorable and funny is the one featuring the sparkling objects on the hills.

After the anomaly researchers discovered that the remaining flight was complete, the sky crane and heat shield were both destroyed, they concluded that the spacecraft were most likely metallic, which could be used for extraterrestrials as well long-running human trips to the red world. This information was kept secret by the anomaly finders. Zooming doesn’t make things better, as you can see in the video (as someone who works remotely but attends virtual meetings will confirm).

The good news? The objects haven’t been identified yet so they are open for interpretation by phenomena hunters (or pareidolias). More footage will be available if Perseverance flew across the ground and then rockets the plane.




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