Nature battle between crocodile and 5 lions happened at Buffelshoek campsite

Specifically, the Talamati lions killed the male waterbuck, enjoyed their meal together, and then dumped the carcass around 100 meters from the dam.

A few hours later, an alligator smelled an antelope’s carcass. It made the decision to venture out of the water in search of food. Five lions surrounded the crocodile as soon as it got to the shore.


The lions initially appear to be testing the crocodile’s agility and reflexes by playing with it. The crocodile soon followed by opening its mouth to attack the lions. But the lions swiftly retaliated, charging in with all their might. The crocodile turned and fled in the direction of the lake after realizing there was little prospect of success.


Like other feline species, lions are superb predators and key predators thanks to their abundant prey populations.

The lion’s hunt usually doesn’t take long and is very powerful. When hunting alone, they 𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁 their prey by biting the neck to break the neck or damage the circulatory system. When hunting in groups, lions can grip large prey while others bite the neck or suffocate prey by locking the victim’s muzzle, preventing it from breathing.


However, in the herd, the female lion (Panthera leo) is usually in charge of hunting and the male lion is responsible for protecting the whole herd from danger or destroying competitors. Each flock will have 2 to 3 adult males living with the females. They are usually brothers, or have just joined the pack.



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