Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Hugs His Teddy Bear And Treats It As A Companion

The heart-warming image, which was tweeted by Tim Beshara, went viral around the world.

Some studies have indicated that friendships can have a significant impact on our health and well-being. As a result, everyone requires companionship, and animals are no exception. Even if the companionship comes from a plush animal, it can make someone feel at ease and help them overcome their hardships. Of sure, it is something to be cherished and admired.

Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Hugs His Teddy Bear And Treats It As A Companion 

Meet Doodlebug, an orphaned baby kangaroo who lives in Australia’s Northern Rivers region. Gillian Abbott, a wildlife rehabilitator, looks after him. Doodlebug has been cared for by her and her son Tim Beshara, an aide to Greens senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson, since he was a baby found orphaned in the wild.

Doodlebug is not a wallaby, but an Eastern grey kangaroo. But regardless of whose species he is, he went viral and captivated everyone’s heart after Tim tweeted photographs of him clutching a teddy bear. We can feel the significance of a good hug in these photographs, especially for an orphaned wallaby.

“He may have fallen out of his mother’s pouch or his mother may have died,” Beshara told the Daily Mail. “He was a couple of months old when he was passed onto my mother’s wildlife company WIRES. She has since nursed it back to health and it is now hopping around the forest and coming back for the occasional feeding or cuddle, as the image shows.”