The Ancient Tombs Of Two "Warrior Beauties" Come Out Of The Legend, Making Archaeologists Admire

The Ancient Tombs Of Two “Warrior Beauties” Come Out Of The Legend, Making Archaeologists Admire

Two mysterious ancient tombs belonging to two women with horseback riding and archery skills are said to have contributed to the creation of the legend of Hua Mulan – the famous Chinese heroine.

Research led by archaeologists Christine Lee and Yahaira Gonzalez from the University of California at Los Angeles (USA) has drawn the lives of two mysterious women unearthed at Airagiin Gozgor, an ancient cemetery in the south. Northern Mongolia.


It took them 4 years to learn about 29 ancient tombs specially built for elite individuals in society, including 16 men, 10 women and 3 people of unknown cause.

Portraits of Mulans in real life are taken from ancient graves – photo: Christine Lee

The most notable of which are two women carrying the body of a sturdy warrior, living in the years 147 to 552 AD, a special period of Mongolian history.

That was also the time when folk poems about Mulan (Mulan or Hoa Mulan) were born in Mongolia on behalf of her father to go to war. The original folk poem mentions Mulan fighting for the “Khan”, the Mongol khans. However, it was first translated by Chinese scholars, changing the context to suit the culture and later the translation became somewhat more famous.

Scene from the movie “Mulan” by Walt Disney. According to new research, Mulans are completely real in Mongolia

Comparing the history of that period, there was no compulsory military service in China, while in Mongolia, it was a politically unstable period, women sometimes had to participate in protecting the family. It was also the period when gender equality “quenched”, women had privileges that previous and later generations could not have. That explains the legendary appearance of a female warrior.


Although only skeletons remain, the structure of the remains of the two women shows a solid body, with spinal injuries typical for people who have to ride horses too often, many features that show that they are shooters. bow. Further analysis, it is estimated that one is 50 years old, the other is unfortunately lying down at the age of 20.

Painting of Princess Hottulun – Invincible warrior of Mongolia

The cause of death is unknown, but both female fighters had no war injuries. That may be because of their status, which is shown when buried in the aristocratic tomb: they may be female generals who should be better protected and not have to rush into the most dangerous place.


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