This “rare creature” is so weird that it has perplexed people as a whole!

Frogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you find them absolutely adorable or slimy and scary, they certainly are fascinating. One in particular seems to have captivated the internet at the moment, and due to its incredibly round body somewhat derpy expression, is being compared from everything from a Pokémon to Jabba the Hutt.

Photos of the frog were shared by Japanese Twitter user @koshin0919, who operates a brass & handmade leather product workshop in Cambodia. He posted the originally mystifying photos to Twitter saying “a rare creature found in Cambodia (by his friend Lim Khyhong). What a freaking face!”, and it’s a fitting caption!

Source: @koshin0919

Source: @koshin0919

Source: @koshin0919

Source: @koshin0919

As you can tell from looking at the comments, many who aren’t exactly familiar with the wide world of frogs, the amphibian’s remarkably spherical body and expressive face are drawing a number of humorous meme comparisons. While some initially speculated that it’s an incredibly overweight frog or turtle frog, that’s not actually the case. The very round critter has been identified by several as the Glyphoglossus molossus, often called the blunt-headed burrowing frog or balloon frog.

Meet the blunt-headed burrowing frog (Glyphoglossus molossus)! This strange-looking amphibian is also called the balloon..

And (watch till the end) has some very interesting capabilities!

While the frog doesn’t have a name, we thank him/her, as well as @koshin0919 for giving us our favorite amphibian facial expression ever.


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